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Ice House Road –
The More U Drink... The Better We Sound
Steve Hamilton, Host
“Fresh Roots: New Blues on WNRN”,
Sat. night 7-8 on WNRN
You can stream it at www.wnrn.org
We’ve all heard the expression “It is what it is”. I think this expression describes the new release from outlaw country band Ice House Road. And that’s a good thing. The self-deprecating but playful working title of the CD is “The More U Drink, The Better We Sound” and I like the CD for what it isn’t as much as what it is. 
What it isn’t is slick, watered down new country music, dispassionately sung and played like so much of that genre seems these days.  What it is, is rough-edged, sparsely produced (although the recording quality is excellent) and, most importantly, fun. The tracks range from acoustic ballads to rockers; with some cello (provided by Laura Mulligan Thomas from the Charlottesville symphony) and female backup singers as well.
This is a band used to playing rodeos, bull riding events, and smoky country bars as one can easily tell.   The band is solid, especially guitarist Gary Hawthorne but the rest of the boys in the band definitely contribute a lot to the overall feel.
So grab a beer, put the CD in the player, and enjoy.

Eldon Stoffel, Dad
From Rwanda Africa

Eldon Stoffel in Africa

I went out to eat tonight at a fancy restaurant and had about a 20 minute walk so I took my ipod and on the way was listening to Bono and all of sudden there were two young boys walking next to me so I let each of them use an earphone and were loving it and the next thing I know there over ten kids walking with us taking turns listening and everyone of them thanked me shook my hand and said goodbye in there pretty good broken English it was really neat.

But the best part of the evening was on the way home I listened to Ice House Road at full blast I was so impressed with how good it sounded and I loved the lyrics I think Bobby has a real talent there. and of course I had to listen to Alison's part several times, so good. it turned out my walk wasn't long enough and I stopped close to home and sat on a brick retaining wall and listened to the rest of the CD, some songs several times, couldn't get enough of it. It made me feel so blessed sitting on wall on the streets of Africa a beautiful evening and listening to Ice House Road at full blast, how many people get to do that?

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Customer Reviews

Great story-telling album!

If you like country music, especially Johnny Cash / "Outlaw" country, this is a great album for you! The progression of the songs tells a story from the days of young to the coming of age. Like any great country album, it tells a story!

Awesome Album !

Great album. Love it !