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The Author of Three Things


Adam "J.R." Stoffel has always loved music.

Adam's mother and father exposed him to all types of music, everything from Led Zeppelin to The Big Bopper. Adam would sing a long with songs while playing air drums and dreaming of being a professional musician. Adam's mother Beth played drums in their basement when Adam was little enough to take his afternoon nap with his head on a pillow in his mother's kick drum, while she played. You could say she beat rhythm into his head from an early age.

He played the clarinet for the first half of 5th grade. The only positive memory he has of that time in band class was when the music teacher told the whole class they should keep the rhythm of the song by tapping their foot like Adam always did. Adam sang in choir all throughout high school, and even acted, danced, and sang in front of his high school in plays and variety shows.

But it took many years for Adam, by that time known to many as "J.R." to get a drum set. Knowing how much he'd always wanted to play, his wife Angela bought him a starter set for Valentine's Day, and that was all she wrote. With the help of a couple instructional DVD's J.R. taught himself the basic rock drum rhythms and every day after work he would go home and play along with his favorite songs. You could say J.R. was a late bloomer on the drums, not starting to play at all until he was well into his thirties.

It took a couple years of playing alone in his basement, but finally an invitation from his friend Charles Wyant gave J.R. his first opportunity to play drums live with other musicians. The beginnings of Ice House Road was Charles Wyant, Bobby Sims, Dewey Hodge and J.R. playing cowboy songs and outlaw country till 3 in the morning, 3-4 times per week. It was those late night sessions that gave J.R. the practice and experience he needed to consider himself a real drummer.

J.R. continues his On-The-Job-Training as a founding member of Ice House Road. As IHR expands its musical reach J.R. is learning to play the washboard so he can jam on those quieter, more acoustic songs. And while recording their new CD, "The More You Drink, The Better We Sound" J.R. played rhythm on a suitcase, beer bottles, and woodblocks. You could say he really enjoys hitting things, singing back up vocals, and making music... And writing "Three Things"